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Amazing Health Benefits of the Avocado

The health benefits of avocado are an evolving list bug the top is of course weight management, protection from heart diseases and diabetes, treating osteoarthritis, and enhancing the absorption of nutrients the body needs.

It also reduces the risk of cancer, liver damage, and vitamin K deficiency-related bleeding disorders. Avocados helps in keeping your eyes healthy and helps protect your skin from signs of aging and the harmful effects of the Sun's UV rays. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels (one of the reason's I eat it) and has antioxidant properties that just help keep us healthy and protected. It even increases circulation, boosts cognitive abilities, and helps builds stronger bones!

Here is a Chart I found that you can print or save, that shows you only 6 of the ways it can benefit you.

The Struggle I have is eating out or trying to get my kids to eat them.

Here are a few things I have made in the past, that they would literally run from, but were so so delicious.

The Very first thing I ate was avocado Toast, my friend had this vanilla flavored cream cheese, that she spread on wheat toast then layered with thin slices of avocado, dried tomatoes, basil leaves and some kind of spices. Let me tell you, I ate 4 pieces, I was hooked! It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The key is to make the slices thin and to make sure the Avocado is ripe.

Then I experimented.

This was my version without the fresh basil as I didn't have any, with a drizle of EVOO. Even Izzy had a piece and wanted more!

Next I tried to come up with something and thought I could "Trick" the kids into eating Green Eggs and ham. It worked and let me tell you, this is a recipe I will be sharing very soon with you guys as it is one of my favorites.

I then made an Avocado Egg & Bacon salad, that I found delicious on a sub role, but this was not my kids favorite. So I had to get more Creative!

I then tried a Home Made Avocado and Sunflower Seed Pizza that was absolutely delicious, but the Boys couldn't get past it being a Vegan pizza, to even give it a try.

So the next day, I blew their minds!

They didn't even notice there was Avocado in these. This is a great one for getting the kiddos to eat healthy without even knowing they are.

When you need to get more creative, try hiding them inside the meals.

they assumed they were peppers and I never said otherwise.

But the very Best one to date is the Ice Cream!

Not one Adult or child believed that this Avocado Coconut ice Cream was really a healthy desert in disguise as yummy!

The Most important part of the Avocado to me is the benefits of weight loss. As someone that has gained weight and is getting older, making it harder to loose, My biggest and best tip is the Avocado, it will boost your energy, burn those calories and honestly make dieting way more delightful and fulfilling. It is the one thing in my diet that makes the weight just drop off!

I hope this article inspires you to eat healthier, try new foods and aspire to get in shape.

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