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Cold Brew Coffee Finally ~ Asobu Cold Brew System Review

Being that I have only asked for this for two years now, I have to say the excitement when this finally showed up was extreme. I am a huge coffee fan, but when I have my preference it is always the cold brew. It grosses my mom out, but my brother and I are hooked on it.

So, as I was taking it out of the amazing box it came in, I noticed how light and sturdy it was, no shaking this sucker. So obviously it will travel super well.

As I was doing a little research for my video and post here today, I found out some interesting facts that I never even knew about cold brew.

1: It is actually healthier for you, when you flash heat coffee, it actually puts bitter chemical in the coffee that makes you add the cream and sugar. With Cold brew, you no longer need this.

2: You will get better effects and caffeine from the cold brew vs a hot brew system.

3: When you brew hot coffee you are actually shocking the beans, when you cold brew you are letting the natural flavors come out, instead of forcing them out.

this system allows you to take the carafe with you, while another is brewing at home in the fridge.

Like shown in this photo, it is actually two seperate containers, the bottom unscrews from the top, so you can take it anywhere with you. And Cold stays cold for up to 24 hours, hot up to 12.

And apparently men look super freakin hot when they are holding one. LOL

But the best part is that you can take this system anywhere, literally. You can stick it in your car, put it in the camper, it doesn't matter, where you go, it goes.

Keep one at the office and one at home, that is even a better idea.

I received mine in Copper, but the black version is super classy. You can check out mine in the video I included below.

Stay tuned for some seriously fun recipes I am already plotting in my head for the fun tasty little treat.

So to wrap this all up, I will have to give this amazing little brewer a 2 Thumbs up, I am so happy to have mine finally and will get some serious ware and tear out of it.

Get Yours Here: Cold Brew System

Video Here:

As Usual, Please leave any tips & tricks for me in the comment section below. Have an amazing evening.

xoxo Izzy

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