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Garlic Butter Salmon Kebabs

As a Foodie I follow many boards, but one of my all time favorites is RasaMalaysia she is a young blogger with all the right ideas. I have tried 4 of her recipes now and I have to say, this time I am actually blogging about this one.

Now, I am bringing her up as I am crediting her for this recipe, even though I didn't have the same seasonings and tweaked it only a hair, it is still one of the most delicious things we have had in a long time. Even Noah ate it and asked for more, My Hand to Heaven, LOL.

So with Most Credit to Rasa's Blog, here we go with My Version.


1: Salmon Steaks (1 Per Person) If doing whole salmon, it is still the same)

2: Olive Oil

3: 1-1/2 Sticks of unsalted Butter

4: 2 Lemons

5: Fresh Cilantro

6: Fresh Parsley

7: Feta Cheese


Heat up the Grill or the Grilling Pan to a good scorching hot, but NO Flames if your using the grill. Meanwhile....

1: Cut Salmon into Decent Size Chunks and set into a bowl.

2: Drizzle with Olive Oil, salt & Pepper, toss lightly and set to the side.

3: While Salmon is soaking, chop up the cilantro and Parsley and toss ontop of the Salmon, (keep some for garnishing) You will not need a lot, so don't go crazy)

4: Put all the butter into a small boiling pot on medium heat until melted, then turn to high and let boil for 1 min. Cut a Lemon in half and squeeze into the butter. Set aside to allow the cream to settle to the bottom.

5: With a Seperating Ladel, draw the butter from the top of the pan and disguard the settled remains. Take 1/3rd of the mixture and Set aside, the rest add a pinch of the parsley and cilantro and set on table.

6: Skewer each piece tightly to the others to secure them better.

7: When the grill is ready place each skewer gently ontop and flip 1-2 minutes after you set them on. The whole skewer will take only 4-5 minutes to cook. If you want vegetables added, place them on seperate skewers and start them a few minutes earlier than the Salmon.

8: Quickly plate and drizzle with the set aside butter, then serve.

This will most definately be one of your favorite meals ever, and so easy to make.

If you do go to her blog, and please do as it is amazing, you will not see the directions that I gave you or even ingredients, this is all how I made them. So the actual recipe is from me.

I hope you all have an amazing day!

Please leave your comments and cooking tips below.

xoxo Haley

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