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Get Every Last Drop - with Spatty!

Today I am going to show you something that I thought of a long time ago, but was not smart enough to invent Myself LOL. I bet we all have actually! How many times have you literally thrown away good expensive lotion because the pump would get anymore of it out?

So this invention starts on the Greatest Entrepreneur Show ever! Shark Tank! I am a huge fans of ABC’s Shark Tank and every once in awhile I see an item that I get excited about because I can and would use it!  Today I am featuring one of those Items!

Anyone that follows us, knows our Huge passion for the environment. We use reusable bags, Energy saving light bulbs, if we can recycle it we will and the list goes on and on. Izzy however has a passion for this in her that is definitely something that makes me proud of her and a little worried for her as well.

She does so much research on the environment and finds out so many things that it drives her batty. She runs around ranting and raving about what they are doing to the whales and the ocean and even natural disasters. I love this about her and hope it never ends, I just hope she doesn't worry herself into a grave either.

Best Part, when this arrived in the mail, you should have seen the look on her face. It was as if I had jumped on board her "save the earth" train and she has finally made an impact on me. I am already on her train, have been for a long time, My horn just isn't near as loud as hers and I barely have time to make dinner no less do research on it. I have her for that and boy the information she delivers is scary and makes me want to quit my job and join a charity (if only that would pay my bills)

Izzy quickly jumped on making a video (that sadly got destroyed when the computer crashed) but she is on another one now and I will update this post in a few days once it is done. She was showing me how it can fit in these tiny makeup bottles that she couldn't even squeeze one drop out of, but with the spatty she got a bunch more uses out of it.

when you are talking to someone that loves saving the environment, this will light a love fire right under them, that is for sure. She wants to tell everyone about how there is no more waste ever, you just need the right tools! One of the best parts is how it will literally pay for itself within the first week of buying and using the Spatty. Now we just need something for the ocean and Izzy will be happy with the world again!

Check out this demo video here:

Grab Yours Here: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/vjmIC

Use referral code (THEFOXS) for 20% off your first order.

Let me know what you use your Spatty for!

xoxo Haley Fox

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