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National Pizza Day - Oh Yeah, Best Day of the Year!!!

February 9th is only a few days away and is the best Day of the year, since it is officially National Pizza Day!! So Now I am wondering, is there any food as perfect as pizza? You can do Anything with Pizza. Basically bread, tomato paste or sauce, veggies, add in some meat, and tons of cheese and Pow it's a Pizza. Don’t even try to tell me it is “unhealthy”, I will NOT Believe you! I mean I put spinach on mine!

Ask Noah when a good time for Pizza is and he will say "anytime" Come on now mom, A slice of pizza is perfect for lunch or an after school snack. An Entire Pizza, well that is called Dinner, LOL!

So, if you are Late getting home from work, Pick up a pizza on the way or slide a frozen pizza pie in the oven. Dinner is ready in 20 minutes and the kids think you’re super Mom.

My favorite night out, is pizza night, I mean you cannot go wrong with a salad, a glass of wine and a fresh baked Pizza, right out of the oven.

A Even better idea, is to grab some pizza dough on the way home and let the kids build their own pizzas. Noah loves Pizza building night, he thinks he gets one all to himself every time we do this, LOL.

WE do tend to make ours personal sized and there is never a crumb left to eat, wonder what that means LOL! The clean up is a bit much, but the family time is priceless and the Pizza is to die for! So for me it is a Win-Win.

Now here comes the Pizza Controversy. Noah's favorite is Hawaiian, Mine is Supreme (Minus the Olives, YUCK!!!) and JC's is anything as long as there is NO BBQ sauce on it.

So My Question of the Day is: Do you think a Hawaiian Pizza is technically a pizza? What is your Favorite Toppings on your pizza? What will you be having for Dinner on National Pizza Day?

With all the crazy Pizza combinations out there now, Hawaiian should probably stay on the list, just sayin LOL

Honestly, no matter what you think should or should never go on pizza, I bet we can all agree, pizza is the best and most awesome food ever. Right? And yes, pineapple does belong on pizza. Same with smoked Spinach or Brussel Sprouts – if that is what you want!

Enjoy a slice of pizza on National Pizza Day!

Happy Eating!

xoxo Haley Fox

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