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Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

French Toast and Bacon, well sometimes sausage, is part of our Traditional weekend Brunch. We love to be creative with our meals to, we have tried stuffed, baked, apple, cherry, you name it and of course, eventually I will get to all the recipes. I tend to share the ones that we love so much we make more than once though.

I originally found my recipe on pinterest like, 4 or 5 years back on tasty kitchen blog, I found it there, but I remember it being a specific girl, so I could be wrong. I have made it so many times that I don't even look up a recipe anymore, plus mine always get tweeked to be a little more like me. Like I remember the original called for strawberry jelly and cream cheese, I use strawberry cream cheese and chop up fresh strawberries into it.

I have always used traditional French Bread in my French Toast Recipes too, it is one reason it comes out so amazing.

I cut Large Pieces, if you are going to stuff, basically double what you would normally as this is two pieces that you are just slicking in half in the middle pocket.

Ingredients 1 loaf French Bread

1 container of Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese

1 Small Container of Small Ripe Strawberries

2 Large Eggs

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

½ cups Whole Milk

2 Tablespoons Butter


1: Pre-Heat Large Skillet or electric griddle to 325 to 350 degrees.

2: Cut french bread into 2 inch wide slices.

3: With a paring knife, go back and cut halfway into each slice, in the middle to create a pocket.

4: In a bowl, Mix the Strawberry Cream Cheese and diced up strawberries, cream cheese is best at room temperature, so pull out first and Combine well.

5: In a separate bowl, scramble the 2 eggs, then add cinnamon, vanilla and milk and combine well.

6: Take cream cheese fruit mixture and stuff into the pockets of your french bread slices and Place on a baking sheet.

7: When done stuffing each piece of bread, completely coat each piece in egg mixture. Make sure all sides are covered. do all pieces of bread before you start to fry.

8:Put 2 tbsp of butter into a hot skillet and melt completely. Add all of the bread to the skillet and cook about 4-5 minutes on each side, until each side is a nice golden brown.

***You want to make sure the cream cheese mixture heats through.

*** I top mine with powdered sugar, Slivered Almonds and another strawberry, put the butter and syrup on the table, as I don't use it and most of the others don't either, so it is optional.

As Usual, let me know how yours turns out and please let me know any tips or tricks in the comment section below.

Have an amazing day

xoxo Haley

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